Targeted Forms of Investment

Brick & Mortar specializes in two forms of investment - “short-term” and “longterm” - which are both very common yet largely unexploited within Egypt.


Undervalued properties are a common example of a “short-term” opportunity. With Brick & Mortar’s extensive network of clients, brokers and property listings, we are able to identify these ‘golden’ opportunities and resell the properties on the market for a premium. Statistics show that many Egyptian properties have an annual appreciation between 20-40% since depending on the property and this premium is likely to reflect that increase as a projected ROI.
Another example of “short-term” investment opportunities is the numerous upcoming developments in the New Cairo and 6th of October city areas. The launches of these developments present highly lucrative investments, with prices typically increasing between %5 and %10 with each coming phase of the development.  Brick & Mortar’s comprehensive portfolio of these properties, paired with our extensive access to them means that we can meet the high market demands to ‘flip’ these properties for returns of %30 to %60 within a -12month timeframe.


For “long-term” opportunities, Brick & Mortar directs its clientele towards investing in real estate developments at their initial launch point. Market trends in Egypt over the last three years have shown a compounded appreciation of %130, which is expected to continue increasing due to the rising demand for real estate coupled with inflation. This suggests that a stable “long-term” investment would likely yield an ROI in the vicinity of %150 to %200 within a -5year timeframe.